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SSD Moodle New Features January 2018

SSD Moodle New Features January 2018

by William Johnson -
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Moodle New Features
Moodle upgraded to version 3.3.3 on December 28, at 12:30 AM - 6:30 AM CDT. 

The following are the features that are new or updated in this release. For a detailed description of each of these new features, including links to video tutorials, please see these:

Official Moodle 3.2 New Features guide (may be available in English only)

 (may be available in English only)

Changing activity completion settings in bulk

Within a course, the default settings for activity completion may be changed and several activities may have their completion settings updated at once, from the tabs in the Course completion screen. Watch the screencast 

Stealth activites

Earlier versions of Moodle had a “quirk” that allowed activities (or resources) to be hidden inside “extra” weeks or topics, but still be accessible to students. These were known as “orphaned” activities and allowed Moodle users to achieve particular designs for their courses.

Now in Moodle 3.3 you can put any activity or resource into “stealth mode” to achieve this same effect in a more officially-supported way. To get started, watch the 

SNAP improvements

  1. Simpler Activity Creation
  2. Improvements to Assignment Display
  3. Support for Course End Dates in Personal Menu
  4. Support for Moodle Notifications
  5. Category Brands
  6. Navigation Bar Coloring

Plus other enhancements and fixes that you can find here.

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