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SSD Moodle's New Features

SSD Moodle's New Features

by William Johnson -
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SSD Moodle has upgraded to version 2.8. This upgrade has substantial impact on the look and feel of courses and how users navigate within the system.

New Theme

The new SNAP theme is a responsive theme that changes the layout automatically based on the device the user chooses to access your course. The SSD Moodle site is designed to be content driven searchable and more user-friendly. A usability test was conducted in November 2014 on this new theme, with very positive results.

Governance of the LMS

SSD goal team 3.1.1 has used feedback from Moodle users to create a set of governance policies and resources to share with users. The policies can be located in the footer on every page on this site, SSD Moodle Governance. Topics addressed include browser compatibility, course ownership and how to access technology support for various types of issues.

New Features

Review the new features in this update by visiting and

New features include:

  • Text autosave for any activity using the Moodle text editor.
  • New user menu (SNAP theme,
  • Forum enhancements: better navigation, subscribe to individual posts, and reply to a post with email.
  • More options for Quiz, Assignments, and Choice.For questions, contact the SSD Technical Support.


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