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SSD Moodle has instant messaging

SSD Moodle has instant messaging

by William Johnson -
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Hi Moodlers,

Did you know that your SSD Moodle profile has instant messaging capability. It also has the abiltiy to search for any SSD employee or SSD Moodle account and request to be their contact. 

This is a wonderful tool for immediate feedback. You can use it just to say hi to your work friends, you can use it ask questions to people in your course, you can use it to send a private message to your instructor if needed. 

Users can receive message alerts for a number of different reasons and can also send and receive instant messages. How a user receives notification of incoming messages can be set in Settings block > My profile > Messaging.

Go to Atomic Learning for video tutorials to explore the basics if you need help.

Moodle Docs is another exhaustive resource for Moodle understanding it includes web pages, FAQ, images, text, videos, and descriptions.

Thank you and as always have a wonderful day!