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SSD Moodle profiles have images.

SSD Moodle profiles have images.

by William Johnson -
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Hi Moodlers,

If you have a SSD Moodle account then you can upload an image to your profile.To upload an image go to,, login using your SSDLife/Moodle username and password and then click this link, Editing Profile Part 2 - Advanced Features, Location, and Profile Image.

Please keep in mind that all images uploaded must follow the Special School District Board policy EHB - Technology Usage,

An online profile image is an important tool for you to take ownership of your SSD Moodle profile. A picture tells your peers that there is an actual person behind this profile and that person is you.

SSD Moodle allows users to upload a picture from their local computer or device. It allows the use of a Gravatar, a globally recognized avatar image that can be used for many sites. For more information on Gravatar's go to,, and sign up using your email address that you use in Moodle.

Once you sign up with Gravatar using the same e-mail address you use in Moodle, your Gravatar will automatically be used as your SSD Moodle profile picture.

IF you have any questions let me know. Thank you and have a wonderful day!