SSD Moodle Governance Plan

SSD Moodle Governance Plan

Course Ownership

Courses will be created with templates that are centrally designed to ensure consistency throughout the LMS, and they should target a specific audience. 

  • Courses will be created and maintained by those that have received the LMS course designer training 
  • SSD Moodle courses are used for instruction, professional learning, and HQPD implemented by the teacher role for the student role. 
  • The teacher role is responsible for selecting the method of enrollment for the student role in their courses. 
  • The student role is responsible for participating, completing, and providing feedback in their courses. 
  • All employees will be able to access a "My home," page in which they can customize to their needs. 

See the Site Level Management section for details on site levels. 

Requesting a new course:  

Staff interested in developing a Moodle course may be required to participate in formal or informal training before course ownership is granted. 

The LMS administrators are responsible for assigning access to qualified course requestors. 

Those requesting course ownership or a new course may be asked the following information when requesting a site: 

  • Course full name and short name. Ex: Full: Annual Special Education Process Training 14-15; Short: SPED Process 14-15.
  • Course category (matches the category in WisdomWhere) Ex. Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction; Technology; Instructional Leadership.
  • Course summary 
  • Do they need any support? I.E, enrolling, copying activities/resources and archiving previous courses. 

To request a site, you must go to, only users that have been through course designer training will be able to request courses. 

Course start and end dates: 

Courses must have a start date and an end date the current year. If a teacher role user needs a course that is to extend through the current year, then they must contact the LMS Administrator for approval.   

Course designers that have the same course that occurs every year, are to inactivate the previous course and request a new course. 

Inactive courses and archiving a course: 

Inactive coursesa course that is not in use with participants with the current date being before or after the course start and/or end dates.

The teacher role in each course is responsible for setting their course to be inactive according to the definition above. 

All courses that have been inactive for at least 30 days after the end date will be archived. The LMS administrator will archive all the inactive courses and move them from their initial category to the Archive category in SSD Moodle.

Archived courses will remain on the SSD Moodle site for 6 months. After a period of six months, the archived courses will be stored on a SSD server for logging purposes.

Requesting access to a course: 

For access to an active course, contact that teacher role directly for access. 

If a teacher role, needs access to an archived course, contact the LMS administrator, access will be provided upon request.