SSD Moodle Governance Plan

SSD Moodle Governance Plan

The SSD Moodle Governance Plan outlines the usage, maintenance and management expectations of SSD Moodle. It also:

  • identifies levels of ownership for SSD Moodle pages/courses
  • defines the support channels system for SSD Moodle users
  • establishes rules for appropriate usage of SSD Moodle
  • will lead to reduced amounts of conflicting pieces of information/documents
  • establishes a set of site templates to promote best practices for course design

The goals of the SSD Moodle Governance‚Äč‚Äč Plan are to:

  • document initial governing policies and procedures for SSD Life
  • help ensure a consistent user experience
  • increase the ability of SSD Moodle to its fullest
  • create an infrastructure of governance to support SSD Moodle

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